Accessible Care

The bipartisan fighting about expansion of Medicaid must end. Nearly half a million Georgians do not have healthcare even though Georgia has access to $2.8 billion in federal funds that our State leaders are just turning away because of partisan politics.

Beyond the lack of business sense, it’s also an inhumane fight. Because half of our counties have no OB-GYN. And 60 out of 159 of our counties have no pediatrician. Parents are driving 50 miles to take their children to the doctor. For you and me, we probably have the means to take off work to get our kids to the doctor. But what about those who cannot? Rural hospitals are on the brink of bankruptcy.  

Medicaid expansion would not only help insure thousands of Georgians and stimulate growth for the failing rural hospitals, but it is also estimated to create 56,000 jobs over the next 7 years.