Less Traffic

Last session, our leaders passed a bill that established a unified transit authority. While it’s a step in the right direction, it does not solve our transit issue. We have, for too long, managed the symptoms rather than solving the problem when it comes to traffic & transportation. I will be a champion for actionable legislation that gets more cars off the road and more commutes on quality transit.

To solve this problem, we have to invest in a mass transit system that will take our citizens to destinations all around the metro Atlanta area —including Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. While other states have adopted a statewide approach, Georgia has long stood beside the current county opt-in-or-out process. Just as we must update the formula by which we assess funding for public education, we must update the legislative framework by which we solve our systemic transit issues. It is no longer an option for our state to invest in mass transportation. It’s mandatory.