More Choice

Nearly half a million Georgians don’t have healthcare even though Georgia has access to $2.8 billion in federal funds that our State leaders are turning away because of partisan politics. When half of our counties have no OB-GYN, when 60 out of 159 of our counties have no Pediatrician, this bipartisan fighting not only lacks business sense for our State, but it also lacks dignity. I will fight for the expansion of Medicaid to insure the 500,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, hospitality workers, single parent homes, and Georgians that are otherwise without security in 2018. And with my commitment for a business-forward Georgia, I will fight for the expansion of Medicaid to introduce an estimated 56,000 jobs to our workforce.  

While on the topic of medical choices, no legislation should regulate the conversations and reproductive choices women have with health professionals. As the only candidate in House District 52 endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America, NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia, and Georgia’s WIN List, I will be a champion for women’s rights.

When I was pursuing my Juris Doctor at a Catholic university, I played a vital role in forming the campus organization that provided a safe space for students to talk about women’s health and reproductive freedoms. It’s crucial that we find common ground with each other, regardless of our backgrounds, if we expect to see change.  I think we can all agree that no mother should be chained to a hospital bed while welcoming her child into the world. No teen should be shamed or forced into a decision because of misinformation disguised by fake medical clinics.