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Shea Roberts

Shea Roberts is making history in House District 52 as the first Democratic nominee in over a decade. But she’s not just running to make history — she’s running to make a difference. Shea believes we need a more balanced consideration of all voices and a more principled legislature to advance our community’s shared values.

A Georgia native and small business owner, Shea has spent the past two decades lobbying for her clients - so she is no stranger to politics. As a mother, lawyer, and activist, she knows the importance of working together, across all backgrounds and beliefs, for the greater good.

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Why I'm Running

This isn't politics. It's citizenship. I’m running to be your State Representative because as an attorney, mother, and business owner, I know what it takes to bring our community continued success. Atlanta and Sandy Springs have flourished together because of our ambition and inclusivity. It’s time we bring these values to the Capitol.

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