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Why I’m Running

Last year, I ran to represent you because I felt that our leaders no longer reflected the values of our community -- values like fairness, equality, and opportunity. Unfortunately, that hasn't changed.

My neighbors believe in a strong economy. But state leaders want Delta Airlines and the film industry to ship thousands of jobs elsewhere. My friends want to drop their kids off at safe schools. Yet, your government continues to put the NRA ahead of the PTA. This district wants fair elections. Instead, lawmakers voted to put vulnerable electronic ballots in every precinct. The list goes on.

Time and again, our elected officials have failed to represent our interests. That’s why we need fresh leadership. That’s why I’m stepping up to run again!

A year ago, as a first time candidate, I got 48% of the vote. We were so close. Now I'm back to finish the job. Let's go win this!


Meet Shea

I’m Shea — a proud mother of three, attorney, and small business owner. I’ve spent the the last two decades serving Sandy Springs and Atlanta families & businesses at the law firm I started in 2002. I would be thrilled to continue that service if you elect me to represent you at the State Capitol



This is now considered the 2nd most flippable seat in Georgia. All eyes are on our district. And so, I'm starting sooner and I'm going to knock every last door. Will you join me? I can't win without your help.


District 52
Sandy Springs, North Atlanta

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